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For over 25 years we've been providing professional photographers, fine artists, and serious amateurs with custom photo laboratory services. Because of our quality and service, we've prospered while our competitors have come and gone.

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Real World Testimonials from Leading Photographers

I can count the number of labs I trust my film to on two fingers ... and when it comes to B+W, only one. These guys are committed to the quality of their work and they really bend over backwards to make it right for their clients. Better yet, they’re NICE!
— Rhea Anna

Edgar develops my transparencies and black and white and he always gets things right. I’ve never really trusted any other service. And he’s a good sort too, and that helps. And my colleagues can see the difference: “One by one we held the transparencies up to the light. I was captivated by what I saw - the photographic process had seemingly concentrated the beauty of the places we had photographed.” (Kristina Pickford)
— Richard Mahoney

My mountain landscape projects rely on a huge amount of research, a window of a couple of days per year to get the shot and some monster hikes. I cannot afford to loose those images due to poor and streaky processing of 5x4 sheet film. Several United Kingdom labs let me down in the past. What a relief to discover Praus Productions - I now confidently send film by registered international mail and have it returned USPS Priority.
— Henry Iddon

It’s no secret that Praus has the cleanest, most consistent processing around. Art directors love the custom prints in my portfolio, and Edgar has always come through in a pinch.
— Walter Colley

After I took my first roll of black-and-white film to Praus, I realized that they processed it better than I ever could. I’ve gone 15 years without processing my own film – Praus gets it all.
— Forest McMullin

My portrait and fashion work depends on doing accurate clip tests and making slight push or pull adjustments to the film’s processing. Sometimes I’ll have a dozen different tests running at the same time. Praus keeps things organized, and they’ve never let me down.
— Antonino Barbagallo

In spite of our distance, working with Praus Productions feels like a partnership. We discuss the work over the phone and via email, they overnight me tests and evaluations – it works great.
— Nick Williams, Corning Museum of Glass

I’m an anal-retentive fussbudget. Praus is the only photo lab I’ve found that’s “good enough.” I scan my film - it’s always clean, which is more than I can say for other lab’s results.
— Frank Petronio


And finally, a word from our favorite customer:

Because of Praus Productions’ tremendous attention to detail and customer service, I have great peace of mind that all of my negatives will be handled with the best care. I live in Alaska ... 5,000 miles away from Rochester, but I ship all of my film to Praus Productions.
— Michael Klensch