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For over 25 years we've been providing professional photographers, fine artists, and serious amateurs with custom photo laboratory services. Because of our quality and service, we've prospered while our competitors have come and gone.

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What services do we offer?


We offer photographers a full service, traditional photo laboratory. Please see our pricing page for pricing. You can also see our pricing in our Ordering Services area with a complete break down of add on services.

Kodak Q-Lab

Color Transparency - E-6

35mm to 11x14. Precision Q-Lab Slide/Transparency processing as standardized by Eastman Kodak. Custom Refrema Dip-and-dunk process for consistency. 

Black-and-White Process

35mm to 11x14. Precision B+W processing using the JOBO Auto Lab for consistent rotary tube processing. We always use fresh, unreplenished chemistry and process everything to archival standards. All 35mm, 11x14, and certain types of 120 film are hand processed for smoothness and accuracy. 

Color C-41 Process

35mm to 8x10. Our custom Refrema processing uses extended wash times and unreplenished fresh chemistry for the optimum processing of your film. 

35mm and 120 Machine Color Prints/Proofs

35mm can be printed to either 4x6 or 3.5x5. 120 to 4x4 or 5x5; glossy or matte. 

Custom Imacon Flextight Scanning

Our Imacon 848 scanner will do high-resolution 16-bit scans from film up to 5x7 size. 

Long roll scanning using a Noritsu scanner and Kodak software.

Unique and Vintage Processes

We do special runs of the vintage C-22 process, or processing out-of-production Kodachrome film as black and white, on a case-by-case custom basis.

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