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For over 25 years we've been providing professional photographers, fine artists, and serious amateurs with custom photo laboratory services. Because of our quality and service, we've prospered while our competitors have come and gone.

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Why is Refrema processing special?


Refrema Dip & Dunk film processors are built to customer specifications. Standard features include: push/pull for all processes; a four point, two-speed transport system; independent recirculation; tempering and filtration of all solutions; and electronic diagnostics. All Refrema Dip and Dunk film processors utilize industrial strength PLC controllers and PID temperature controllers on all processing chemicals. We also feature a full glass In-Line System replenishment control systems for cubitainers with microprocessor controlled dosing and monitoring of all baths as well as alarm in case of any failure.


  • Best-in-class Refrema microprocessor controlled machines.

  • Touch-less and scratch free Dip and Dunk.

  • Push-pull accuracy to ⅛ stop.

  • Rigorous maintenance procedures ensure consistently stunning quality.

Praus Productions has a customized C41 Refrema Dip and Dunk processor modified to produce streak free negatives. We also have redundant parts for minimal downtime during services.